Our Approach

Pre Production

Project Background and Scope - We start off by obtaining an understanding of the organization and project from the organization's website and discussions with the organization.

Project Discussion Topics

Project Plan - For larger projects we prepare a brief project plan. This ensures that we are aligned with the non-profit organization as to expectations, schedule and deliverables.

Project Plan Example

Storyline and Script - We prepare a storyline and script to detail the structure,the scenes and their content - speaker video (A roll), supporting footage (B roll), music, sound effects, images, text overlay and narration voiceover.

Example Script

Production and Post Production

Videography - We provide videography services as required for interviews and supporting video footage. To support this activity, a shot list is prepared.

Video Shoot Discussion Topics

Editing - We also provide editing of the video following production or as a separate service.

Editing Guidelines

Best Practices and Guidelines

These are the best practices and guidelines we use developed from our experience in pre production, production and post production.

Video Production Manual

If the organization is shooting their own footage with a smart phone, these are guidelines to ensure best results.

Guidelines for Recording Video with a Smart Phone

Contact Information

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